About me

Hi, my name is Madison Warren! You can call me Maddy though.

I am a nineteen year old photographer who’s been in the industry for 4 years now! My favorite Tv show of all time is “The Simpsons” and my favorite music artist is SZA. Specifically her song “Garden”. I love to watch documentaries in my free time as well, along with conversing with friends. Anyone who knows me, Knows I LOVE chocolate. Ice cream, candy, you name it. I am a 23’ graduate of Central Catholic High School, and plan on attending the University of Toledo to further my education. The biggest goal that I try to strive for in life is to become financially stable.

My Own Senior Portraits.


If you haven’t checked it out already, I currently have a blog page on my website that takes you through the behind the scenes of my shoots and my life. You can get a lot more information on there and get to know cool details that happen throughout the shoots. Click HERE to check that out

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