About Me

Hey there! I'm Madison Warren, but you can just call me Maddy.

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I am a skilled and experienced photographer with four years of industry experience at the young age of nineteen. As a professional, I enjoy immersing myself in various forms of entertainment, including the iconic TV show The Simpsons and the talented music artist SZA, particularly her captivating song Garden. In my leisure time, I find great pleasure in enriching my knowledge through documentaries and engaging in meaningful conversations with friends. Furthermore, it is no secret that my strong affinity for chocolate extends to all its forms, be it ice cream or candies.

After graduating from Central Catholic High School in 23', my dedication to personal and professional growth led me to pursue higher education at Mercy College of Ohio. One of my primary aspirations in life is to achieve financial stability, a goal that I relentlessly strive for.

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My Senior Portraits.



Hey, have you had a chance to check out my blog page on my website yet? It's a fun space where I give you a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of my shoots and my everyday life. You'll find lots of interesting information and cool details about what happens during the shoots. Feel free to click HERE and take a look!

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